23 June

Today when I prayed Our Lord Jesus came to me in a vision and said, “Peace be with you My child. I come to tell you My children, you have very little time left before the great events start to happen and chastisement will come over the whole earth. There is very short time left for you all. Valentina you must instruct people and teach them to pray the Holy rosary while there is still a little time left. When the events will take place, people will be scared and panic and the prayer will slip away from them. They must pray now and prepare to store away for when all this will begin to occur. Those who do well and pray will advance, be protected and safe. Those who do not pray and listen will perish. People must know the truth about what is coming to them. There is no secret anymore about the events. They will come. You must speak openly to all. They must listen to My little children chosen By My Father to teach you and guide you. I your Lord Jesus continuously come to earth to teach you, and My Holy Mother Mary. It is Our Word coming through you to the people. My children you should listen and appreciate what we say through Our little prophets throughout the world because We care for you and We love you. The true and the Holy Word that I give you all, I your Lord God and teacher from Heaven, Jesus Christ.”

I answered: “Thank you my Lord for teaching us and loving us all.” Jesus then went on to give me a personal message, “Valentina, I will now tell you a secret about yourself that you wanted to know. When My Father in Heaven chose you and He said to “Me I want you to teach My child to prophesise to people I said to My Father, Do I have to teach her? (and He showed how He had pointed at me [Valentina] ). Yes My Father answered You must teach Her too. You know I laughed when My Father asked Me to teach You. Would you like to know the truth, you were not an easy student to teach you were always asking, “Why this? Why that?”

I replied, “My Lord u that really You who is speaking to me like that, or is t the enemy?”

Jesus laughed more and answered, “You see, again you are questioning Me, you are always questioning Me, you question Me continuously, much more than the other prophets that I teach no one asks as many questions as You do. You don’t find My teachings easy to understand, yet you are so open to My Word and you take time to explain to people, even though they don’t obey what you tell them. Valentina, “My child you remind Me of My apostles, they too found it hard to understand My teaching, I always laugh with you and yet My child, you praise Me so beautifully and we are so united, intimately and more than you know. I love you so much. We are everywhere together like inseparable lovers.”

You know I miss you when you don’t ask me about the things you want to know or
Tell Me, you always make Me happy!”

I answered, “Lord Jesus, I am sorry that I find it hard to understand You and that I don’t always ask You the things that I do not understand. But My Lord, I am happy that at least I make You happy and make you – momentarily forget the bad things that are happening in the world. Lord Jesus, when the chastisement will come, then I know that our relationship will stop, because You will not come to tell me things anymore and will no longer teach me, I will miss You, My Lord.”

At this time He embraced me in comfort and answered, “Do not worry My child, after the chastisement there will be no need to teach you and fed you what to do in the new era of peace. Everybody will understand and have knowledge of things from Heaven and above all, happiness and holiness will take place on Earth. You will all be united to Me and obey Me in all ways. You have no idea of what will be in the new era of peace, love will flow from Heaven on all My children, just think how happy you are at Christmas when you are all waiting My birth and arrival – during the Mass. The angels in Heaven sing non-stop and they glorify Me because the Saviour is born. The feeling in your hearts is so happy and peaceful but doesn’t stay with you for long, it is taken away from you all. But in the new era of peace this happiness will stay with you always. You have no idea now how beautiful it will be, you cannot imagine what it will be like.”

I replied, “Lord Jesus, thank you for the beautiful encouragement.”