21st May

This message was given to me by Our Lord Jesus when I was praying the Creed before commencing the Holy Rosary. Our Lord Jesus came in a vision and stood there sadly looking at me and then He said, “Look around my child, what do you see today in the world that makes you so sad? You see and hear every day of corruption and violence and evil. The world is full of sin that spreads so quickly like poison from one end to another. This offends me gravely. My child, I your Lord do not sleep through all this, I act quickly. In many parts of the world I have already struck to let people know that I am sending them My justice. But do not think My children, that you are free from My just hand in this country of Australia Oh No! My children, you are mistaken if you think like this. This country offends Me very much too. It is so full of sin, corruption, pride, greed and evil.”

At this moment I noticed that Our Lord was holding a sword in His holy hand and said, “I will plunge My sword of justice right now into this ground, and I will bring My divine Justice to this sinful city of Sydney. This city will crumble and tremble before Me”.

At this point Our Lord raised me up high on a hill. I stood there with Him and an Angel. Our Lord Jesus showed me the centre of the City of Sydney. What I saw was a horrifying sight, the buildings were shaking and crumbling down to the ground. I was feeling very upset and distressed at seeing this terrible sight. Our Lord and the Angel said that a large area of the city will be demolished. I also saw people screaming and running everywhere in a panic. Those in city buildings had no chance to run. I turned to Our Lord and cried, asking Him what I could do to help with all this. Our Lord replied, “My child, you cannot do anything by yourself but constantly pray and say, Your will be done My Lord, Your will be done My Lord.” Then Our Lord continued, “This will effect your country economically and there will be a lot of suffering.”

I said, “Lord, have mercy on this city. Lord have mercy on this country.” I felt in my heart that we must beg God for mercy and pray continuously. Now I understood what Our Blessed Mother meant in other messages, when she was talking to me and telling me “Pray unceasingly my children. You do not know what suffering is awaiting you.” I concluded by saying, “Dear Lord, please have mercy on us, and on this land of ours.”