23 November 2019

Daniel and Breeannah Engagement

Today I attended the engagement of Daniel and Breeannah. Our Lord gave me a message for them.

Our Lord said, “My loving children, I the Lord speak through Valentina My daughter to deliver this message to both of you of My True Love and My Blessing as you choose one another to share your love with one another. Heaven chose you before you met to be together, but remember, to love one another and learn to forgive one another and to share everything together and to be patient with one another in your life. But the most important is to love one another.”

“I, your Lord Jesus, will always be with you, to bless you, help you and protect you and to love you.”

“These are My Holy Words, and I want you to cherish them in your hearts forever.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your Holy teaching and love.

Our Lord Jesus wants young people, or any age, to learn from Him to be patient in our lives and to love one another above all.