24 November 2019

Feast of the Christ the King
St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta

Today, at the end of Holy Mass, there was a lot of clapping for different things.

Our Lord Jesus said to me, “See, My child, how offended I Am. They turn My Churches into an ordinary house, no longer sacred. There is clapping for everything and giving of praise to people instead of to God!”

Then He said, “Today you celebrate My Kingship. You should be the most reverent of all. Do you know that as a King, I died on the Cross for all of you to take away your miseries, and I Am still doing it, and very little I Am recognised in that.”

“My child Valentina, between you and Me, I want you to praise Me for all the qualities that are in Me and all the Perfection, and when you do that, I will accept that with My open Heart, and that will increase My Glory in Heaven.”

He said, “Valentina, do you believe I Am a King?

I said, “Oh yes, my Lord, You are the King of all kings, the King of the Universe, no-one can be above You.”

Jesus said, “That is what I want to hear from you.”

I said, “O Lord, please do not abandon us. Who can we turn to but to You? There is so much misery in the world.”

I could see our Lord in a vision sitting on the Throne with a golden crown upon His Head. He was wearing a Kingly robe of royal colours. His Majesty and beauty are indescribable.