23 November 2020

Feast of Christ the King
St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta

During the Holy Mass, our Lord showed me how the world is in such a bad state, and how ferocious wolves are now attacking it. He showed me how the leaders, the people, even the most ordinary people, the churches, societies, are all being attacked by them. In particular, those people doing the wrong things. They are the ones who are allowing themselves to be led by these wolves.

Lord Jesus said, “But don’t worry. Pray and trust Me because soon I will separate the sheep from the wolves.”

I said, “Lord, you can change people in the world. A drop of your Precious Blood can change humanity.”

He said, “Oh, yes, I can do that, but that would be very easy. People must come to Me and repent. They hurt Me too much, in the past, and in the present time. They continuously reject Me and hurt Me, very deeply. They must repent before I do that. When they repent, I will forgive them.”

“Continue to pray because the world is getting worse and worse, and soon I will intervene, really, really, strongly in the world. So, pray and trust Me. Tell people to repent of their sins. Once you repent of your sins, the ferocious wolves will have no power over you, because you protect yourself with prayer, and I protect you, My children.”

“These wolves are attacking innocent people, honest people, but they cannot harm them because I protect them strongly. But those who do not want to come to Me, and they do not pray, they are being led by these ferocious wolves.”

While our Lord was giving me this message, in a vision, He was showing Me the wolves. I could see them spiritually. I could see them so severely and viciously attacking people, causing the people to fight one against the other.

This message was His Holy message for today. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all the graces and blessings. Have mercy on the whole world.