29 November 2020

The Incensing of the Altar during Holy Mass
St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta

During the Holy Mass, with the thurible, Father Chris was incensing the holy altar and the sanctuary.

Lord Jesus appeared to me and said, “I would like to tell you and teach you about the incense and what it represents, and about the three Holy Kings, who visited Me and brought Me gifts. They brought Me frankincense, myrrh and gold. The three kings were already given the knowledge from Heaven, about which gifts to give to Me, as the Holy Infant and King.”

“During Holy Mass, the incense is used by the priest, around the holy altar, so that it is purified and blessed and so no evil can be present so that I, your God will have purity of place so that I can manifest for the holy sacrifice of the mass. The beautiful myrrh, which is very aromatic, spiritually represents purity and holiness. The gold which they brought Me, represents the gift of graces and fruits given in abundance and is given to me as King. All three are necessary so that I can enter amongst the people” He said.

Lord Jesus said, “Not every mass is incensed. During the mass, they should use a lot of incense. It would purify the area. When it is incensed, no evil can enter around the altar, which is so holy. Even people can bring bad spirits into the church. The incense makes the evil flee.”

“Maybe people do not understand, and they wonder why the three Holy Kings brought these gifts to Me. They were all for the church. They are very precious heavenly gifts, given to Me as an Infant, and they have been used right throughout the history of the Church,” He said.

Our Lord was teaching me, how the incense purifies the whole atmosphere around the holy sanctuary and inside the church, for the service of God and so that God will have purity of place for himself. The evil spirits flee. They have no right to come to the altar for it is very holy.

Lord Jesus, thank you for this beautiful teaching.