4 December 2020

The Holy Family visits Melbourne

This message was received on 17 November 2020. In the morning, while I was praying, the Holy Family appeared just like in the Nativity scene, so alive. They were all dressed in white, a sign of purity. Blessed Mother was holding Baby Jesus in her arms, with St Joseph alongside them. It was all white around them; the fresh wintry snow clothed the whole scenery with whiteness. It looked so beautiful.

The angel said, “As it is coming closer to Christmas, see the Holy Family as they adore the little Baby Jesus. He comes and brings peace to the world, and the love and peace He brings to those who believe in Him and accept Him.”

Then the angel said, “Today I bring you good news. The Holy Family of Nazareth, they are now going to Melbourne, Victoria. The people there had a lot of suffering through the Coronavirus and a lot of people were dying. In the past, they offended God very much, and God permitted the suffering to come to them. Through the prayers that they offered, mercy and forgiveness came to the people of Melbourne. Now God in His love and kindness, He forgives their sins, so the Holy Family is visiting them to bring them the Good News.”

The angel said, “You too should go to Melbourne and announce the good news, that we tell you and show you. It is such a grace for the people of Melbourne.”

Wherever the little Baby Jesus comes, that is a sign of good news. It is a tender Love, a little Love and a merciful Love that comes from Him. The message to the people of Melbourne is to continue to pray and be grateful that our Lord visits you. Nothing is done without Him.

The angel said, “People of Melbourne, you should thank God for lifting the virus.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for your mercy and love, for lifting the virus.