24 February 2023

Our Lord Jesus will be Visiting the City of Sydney

This morning while saying my Morning Prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared as a little Boy, about three years old, accompanied by angels.

He said, “I come to you so that you can console Me, and I know how much you love Me. The world rejects Me more and more. Humanity does not want Me. Look at Me; I Am like a poor Beggar.”

Holding a little blue knitted jacket in His Hand, the little Lord Jesus asked me, “Valentina, can you help Me put this jacket on because I Am very cold?”

The cold represents the coldness He receives from humanity.

When I started to dress Him, I noticed that the little jacket was full of holes. I said, “I will buy You a nice new Jacket.”

He answered, “If you buy Me a new jacket, buy Me a brown coloured one.” In a vision, I could see a beige colour.

He said, “I Am now going to the city of Sydney.”

I said to the Little Jesus, “Be careful. There are so many people; somebody can take You.”

He said, “No one will take Me.”

In a vision, I could see many people and our Little Lord Jesus letting go of the hand of the angel and wandering off amongst the people.

I said to the angel, “Hold Little Jesus by His Hand and don’t let Him go.”

Then our Lord Jesus came close to Me and said, “Valentina, you are part of us, so you have to know what we are planning.”

“Remember to write the date that I tell you so that you will remember when I visit Sydney.”

After our Lord and the angels departed, I suddenly panicked, realising that our Lord will be visiting Sydney, meaning He will be bringing His Justice to this sinful city.

Our Lord Jesus was very sad, begging people to convert, but they take no notice. We should pray for non-believers and for the city of Sydney.

Have mercy on us, my Little Lord Jesus.