24th August, 2005

This morning while praying morning offerings, an Angel appeared. He said, “Pray for America. They are going to experience the biggest Hurricane they have ever experienced. This kind of storm doesn’t come very often. It only happens every 50 or 100 years. It is a deadly storm, many people will lose their lives.”

“Tell people to pray for America. God permits this to happen so people will wake up and repent. These disasters will continually unfold a1l over the world as people persistently offend God.” Lord, have mercy on us.

Blessed Mother told me that these diasters will proceed very often. They will not repair before another will follow. God is offended so much, because of the sins of the world. People must repent, wake up and turn away from their sinful ways.

Valentinas’ note: This is a particularly urgent message, regrettably the reason it took longer then had been hoped to pass on this message is because the lady who types up the messages I receive has been away.