5th September, 2005

In the morning during prayers, I prayed for the people of America. An Angel appeared. He said, “The Lord has sent me to explain and show things to you and tell you how slow the world’s governments respond to tragedies.” In a moment, the Angel showed me a huge long table set with a very rich variety of food, similar to a smorgasbord, but with all the good delicacies imaginable. There were some people seated here and there, enjoying the feast. I thought, ‘what does all this mean?’

The Angel said, “Wait and see!” looking very serious. Suddenly, President Bush and his family appeared. His wife sat at the table, filled a plate, and began eating very fast, not looking to the left or right. On the other side of the table were standing the President, his daughter and another woman who I didn’t recognise. They were all very well dressed. I said to the Angel, “Isn’t she pretty, the President’s daughter. She looks like her mum.” The President turned away for an instant and then he came back, ran to the table and without seating himself, he started grabbing handfuls of food and pushing it into his mouth with his hands. I spoke to the Angel, “Oh, these people are hungry. They need a lot of prayer.” The Angel turned and said, “Oh! Yes, they need more than prayer. Don’t you understand what all this means and represents? The table full of food, nothing missing, with people who are rich eating and enjoying themselves, thinking only of themselves and not a thought for the poor. See, the President is grabbing only for himself, not considering those who are in so much need. Their action is very slow to respond to the poor. God sees differently. He will expect these people to account for all the wrong they are doing.”

This vision appears to me to be on a parallel with the parable in the Bible of Lazarus waiting at the door of the rich man. Lord, please have mercy and enlighten the wealthy of this world.