17th SEPTEMBER, 2005

Morning. Our Lord said, “I come to remind you, My children, of the danger which is upon you.”

A vision appeared to me. It was a spectacular and very beautiful sight. The sky was like a huge dome, ultramarine blue in colour, full of silver and white stars. I noticed a huge shooting star, very enormous, surrounded by a shower of smaller shooting stars, coming down very fast toward the earth. It was amazing to see. “What a view”, I said to myself, “the astronomers would be very happy to see what I see. It is like a show, but I wonder what it all represents?”

Suddenly, Our Lord was present and He said, “You admire My creation and you are overjoyed at what is in the universe. My child, this is only a small part that you see. One day all that is hidden from human eye will be revealed to you all, but this will not be revealed to you here in this life, but in My holy presence in the next life that is to come as a surprise. My child, what you see is not a shooting star but a great big comet, surrounded by many smaller comets which are all pointed towards earth. I tell you, not in the too distant future they will collide on earth and cause a terrible destruction and will take many lives. The scientists know a little about this comet but they are silent. They don’t want the people to panic.”

Our Lord also said, “My children, I also want to remind you that your glaciers are fast melting. That is another danger of the rising seawater that will cover a large area of habitation. My child, who is to blame for all this? Tell Me.”

He looked at me and said, “Ignorance of mankind and greed that causes the environmental collapse. Man play god on this planet, not real god. Now you will understand better why I, your Lord, am so sad and offended. My heart is broken to be under man’s feet and they trample Me. I tell you, man cannot solve the problems of this earth, they only destroy it. Is it not My love and mercy which keeps you all safe and I continuously come to warn you of all danger which is upon you all. Only My flowing love will heal you. Pray, My children. Pray to obtain mercy for this world.”

Thankyou, sweet Jesus, my Lord. Have mercy on us and protect us.