24th June

Feast Day of St. John the Baptist

St Patricks’s Parramatta.

While praying. Our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Today you faithfully celebrate the feast of St. John the Baptist. By celebrating this great Saint that I chose to come among men on earth to baptise you and prepare the way of My coming, you also renew your vows spiritually in Baptism, which I gave you when you received the Holy Sacrament of Baptism and washed you of the original sin with My living waters, a fountain of life that constantly surges from My Sacred Heart for all My children.”

“You should all be very happy and thankful that you belong to Me and love Me in return for I never stop loving you. My children, pray for non-believers and those who choose not to receive My living waters in Holy Baptism. How sad I am. My Sacred Heart grieves.”

Our Lord was very sad. He looked at me and said, “Valentina, console
Me, offer Me your daily sacrifices. If you only knew. My children, you would love Me unceasingly for others and console Me. In the world people choose to live without God like pagans.”

I said, “Thankyou, sweet Jesus, I love you. I love you for others”.