25 March 2018

Pull out the Weeds choking the good Crop


In the morning while I was praying, the angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, “Lord Jesus has sent me to remind you that all the messages He gives you, that He is the priority, and that you must obey Him and spread the messages to people.”

He said, “Valentina! You are so compassionate. People pull you left and right, you feel sorry for them, so you try to help them. But remember that Lord God chose you, and you should obey Him first, and never say no to Him.”

Then the angel extended His hand and said, “Look at the good crop in the fields. It is all choked by weeds. The overgrown weeds try to choke the good crop.”

“Your job is to pull out all the weeds and to clean out the field, and lead people to conversion and to God.”

“Remember, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is very near and it is very necessary that you prepare the way for our Lord, by cleaning the path and removing all the weeds.”

The weeds represent the sins that people carry. When Jesus comes, He wants to find people holy and clean. This message was first given to me in March 1996.