25 March 2018



The angel appeared and showed me a table, which was covered with a beautiful white tablecloth.

On the table were three stands, and on each stand I could see the Holy Eucharist. Around the Holy Eucharist was a beautiful ornamental doily, made of white paper, lace-patterned in the shape of a most beautiful crown.

The angel then pointed to the side, to direct my gaze at a wall. On the wall I could see written the names of many people.

The angel explained to me the meaning of these names. He said, “These are the names of people who fast. Their names go around the Host.”

The angel showed me how when the person fasts, their name is then taken from the side wall and is placed around the Holy Eucharist.

Smiling at me the angel then said, “But your name is still on the side wall, still waiting!”

I felt so embarrassed when he said this.

The angel continued to explain, “Tell people, there are many ways to fast. You can fast three hours, four hours or five hours. It depends on how much you can endure. Less than three hours (of fasting) is not valid.

“Each person who decides to fast, should offer his fast to God. It must be most sincerely offered and with good will, and not against the will of God, but with love and happiness.”

The angel explained that fasting is very similar to an employee clocking on and clocking off from work, using a bundy clock or time clock machine. Similarly, with discipline and good will, you start and finish a fast. It depends on how many hours you fasted, but less than three hours is invalid

The angel said, “The Holy Eucharist, you see on the Altar, is really and truly the Body of Jesus Christ. The beautiful crown-shaped, lace decoration on the doily is your sacrifice, sincerely offered from your heart, which with the Holy Eucharist, goes up to God.”

Why is it so beautiful? It is beautiful because it is offered up as a sacrifice to God.

Our Lord is so joyful, when people do little sacrifices for Him. He accepts our sacrifices and He blesses them. This message was first given to me 13 March 1996.