25th July 2011

This morning while praying an Angel came to me.

He said, “You have to come with me”. Instantly we were in an unknown place. There were a lot of people, happy and cheerful. For a moment I thought we were in Purgatory.

I said to the Angel, “these people are very joyous. Who are they?”

He answered, “Wait and see. “Then I saw more Angels arriving. Everyone was singing and praising the Lord.

The Angel said, “People, make way, for the Prince of Peace is coming.

Suddenly, our Lord appeared, dressed as a crowned King, accompanied be many Angels and Saints.

He passed right near me, and stopped and offered His holy hand to me.

All those present smiled, even though I felt uncomfortable, thinking, “why me.”

As our Lord took my hand, He asked, “My child, which country do you come from?”

I answered, “Slovenia, my Lord, you know which country I come from.

He walked on then turned toward me and said, pointing with His hand. “I shall visit your country soon.”

I said, I know you will like my homeland Slovenia, it is nice.”

I felt in my heart with foreboding, “Oh, something will happen soon there.”

Be merciful, Lord, to my country, Slovenia.

I tell you people, 3 days later I heard that part of my country suffered severe storm uprooting trees and ruining all the crops. Roofs were torn off homes.

God is visiting and passing through the world but can we tell Him not to?

He is in charge of all creation.

He can no longer watch and tolerate this sinful humanity. They are out of control.

Lord be merciful to us poor sinners.