29th July 2011

In the morning I prayed the Creed and the Holy Rosary.

A Vision came to me, God the beautiful Father visited me accompanied by Angels.

”My daughter, I come to tell you that I am not happy with this country Australia. It is out of proportion, uncontrollable. I want you to write down this message. Tell everyone and spread it widely.”

“I am very much ignored and denied but I know that Australian people like to drink beer. I know their weakness for drinking beer. Tell them that their Creator, God the Father will withdraw all the wheat from them. Then they will see and know who is in control of everything.”

At that moment, God the Father made me see a vision of what is to come to this country of Australia. A terrible drought I saw parched land.

In farms I saw the first flush of the wheat crops, small green shoots. Suddenly, the entire crops wilted and died.

God the Father then said, “Unless they change and behave better, I can still be merciful. Write, My daughter, and tell people that I shall visit every country in the world, over and over again until they learn and repent of their sinful behaviour and know that I am God and Creator of everything, not man.”

He spoke very firmly and His face looked very sad.

I thought, ‘I feel very sorry for my Father.’

Then I said, “Let it be you will, not ours.”

Then the Eternal Father rose up towards Heaven accompanied by many Angels.

(God the Father was clothed in a long robe coloured a bronze gold, with soft slippers matching.)

People we had better pray to avert this terrible punishment.

The same day after Mass, and the weekly cenacle in which we gather together in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.

I had thoughts about the vision given to me that morning. I prayed to our Lady, “Oh, my Mother, please intercede for this country Australia.”

Immediately, Holy Mary appeared near the alcove dedicated to Her. She spoke, “My daughter, you had better take this message seriously. The cup is full and overflowing. God the Father chose to tell you this message Himself. He really means what He told you and showed you. Now it is up to you tell people to change.”