25th MARCH, 2005


3pm, St Raphael’s Church, Merrylands. We were reading the Gospel passage of Our Lord’s Passion. Our Lord appeared to me and said sadly, “Look, Valentina, it is almost here. My judgement for the world and My churches. I can no longer delay all this. I will strike and scatter all who are against the real truth and doctrine of the faith, those hypocrites who are against the truth, who lie and deny the truth of the commandments which I give to you.”

‘This comes from satan, the Anti-Christ. Like aristocrats, they live in My temples. They behave like adulterers, widely and openly. Me, their true God, they push aside. These people live all kinds of sinful shame and are not afraid of God’s law. Everything to them is acceptable and they do not feel shame any more.”

“Now you will understand why the stars in the universe shine less and less. One third of the stars have fallen, they don’t give light to the world any more.”

“These are you,” He said, “My unfaithful priests who are trampling over Me and My true commandments.”

He stood for a period, silently. He said, “Look at My suffering and My agony for all this.”

“My suffering increases more and more. No one can understand the degree of My suffering.” I was weeping as He spoke, it touched me so deeply.

He said, “My faithful friends, remain faithful to your Lord who loves you so much. I consumed Myself with this suffering to redeem you all from eternal death. Pray for the sinful souls so they will repent and not sink into the mire which claims so many.”

“Love My beloved Mother, Mary most Holy and console Her for today She is very sad for Her children and non-believers. She intercedes for Her children constantly so that grace and mercy will come to them.”

Jesus asked, “Valentina, will you receive suffering that I will give you to console Me?”

I’ll explain a little about the message that Our Lord has just given me. It refers to unity amongst the church and people. Temptation is very powerful. That is why sin is accepted by so many. We must strive to change and rise above sinful ways. People don’t realise that we are not here forever and that we will eventually stand in judgement before Our Lord. Thankyou, my crucified Lord and Saviour. Have mercy on us all.