7th March, 2005

Sister Lucia de Santos

While praying early in the morning, a vision came to me. A beautiful nun appeare.

She introduced herself, saying, “Valentina, I am Sister Lucia de Santos from Fatima. Thankyou for praying and thinking of me. I am disappointed, because Pope John Paul was supposed to follow me right away, soon after my death, and I was waiting for him.”

“I miss him very much, but Heaven told me that his life is prolonged a little longer on earth. This is for a very special reason and purpose.”

She was smiling at me, holding both my hands. She said, “Valentina, love Jesus very much, no matter what comes. Love Him and trust Him. Proclaim His Holy Word, which He gives you and teaches you for others.”

As she spoke, I could see golden waves coming from her mouth. I understood that the words of Our Lord are so Holy, and we take them for granted.

Sister Lucia then said, “Valentina, I am so happy now, in the bliss of Heavenly people.” Her face was glowing and serene as she left me.

I was very touched by her demeanour, even feeling a longing that I could go with her.