26th JANUARY, 2005

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.

The faithful arrived for the regular 12.30pm Mass only to find it had been cancelled due to Australia Day holiday. They left, disappointed, but others and I stayed to pray.

Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, these are the people I spoke of in the Gospel. Some are on very shallow, rocky ground. Some on deeper ground and others on very fertile ground, they have strong roots to help them grow.”

“The shallow ground are those with weak faith. The sun and the wind comes and they die. Because their faith is very weak, the first attempt of temptation that comes causes them to disappear.”

“The ones in the fertile soil are strong in faith and try very hard to obtain it. Because with My Holy Grace, I do help them, nourish them, water them with water that flows from My Sacred Heart to keep them alive.”

“See, My children, that is your faith in Me. The more you come to Me, the more I come to you to help you all. Depend on your free will to love Me for I love you so much.”

Lord Jesus, strengthen our faith in order that we may gain Your Holy