27 March 2021

Souls in Purgatory must pay the price for their Sins

During the night, I suffered from a lot of pain in my leg. Even throughout the day, I was still suffering, but this time from an upset stomach. Our Lord gave me all of this suffering, especially now that it is coming close to Holy Week so that souls will go to Heaven.

While I was saying my morning prayers, suddenly, the angel appeared and said, “Come with me, we will visit many souls in Purgatory, and I will tell you why you have to suffer so much.”

We came to an open space, where there were gatherings of souls everywhere. We approached a large group of them; they were in a garden, surrounded by a fence about a metre and a half high. These souls were continuously walking around in a circle, round and round continuously and never stopping. They were packed together so close, like sardines and moving in the same direction. This place is ever so depressing.

The angel said, “Come closer to the fence, come closer to these people.”

As I moved closer to this large group of people, I noticed they were all women, each wearing different clothing but quite bright, including floral patterns. These souls looked like they were going through purification, so that is why they were wearing more colourful clothes.

I recognised one person I knew while she was alive on earth. This person approached me, and when she did so, the whole group just stopped and looked in my direction. They all looked so sad and depressed.

The lady moved up close to the fence. She appeared in such a sad and depressed state and utterly run-down like she had given up. She looked at me, and she allowed me to make the Sign of the Cross on her forehead.

In my heart, I said, ‘Lord, may you have mercy on this soul and hope she will come to Your Kingdom, whatever is Your Holy Will, but I hope it is soon, and Lord, all of the rest of the souls that are here I offer them up to You.’

The angel then said, “Let us move away from here, from this place.” You cannot stay in one place with the souls; otherwise, they will want you to suffer more for them.

We then approached an old-fashioned bus, all grey and raggedy, not in good condition at all. I could see it was entirely packed with souls, and as I looked closer, I noticed they were all men.

I asked these people, “Where is your driver?”

Nobody answered me; they just looked at me with sombre and sad faces.

The angel said, “The souls are everywhere, and they all need your help. There are as many souls in Purgatory as there are people on earth.”

It made me think very deeply of the Poor Souls. People on earth don’t know what is going on here, what a constant torture it is for these souls.

The angel said, “While living on earth, these souls did many wrong things, and now they have to pay very dearly the price for the sins they committed.”

I wish everyone would witness this, to see what the souls go through; people would then live their lives differently. There is constant pain and suffering in Purgatory until the soul is purified.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on these poor souls in Purgatory. Grant them the Grace to go home to Heaven for Your Holy Resurrection this Easter.