27 March 2022

The Pope’s Consecration of Russia and the Ukraine

This morning when I said my prayers, our Lord came and said, “I know you all have been hoping that a miracle would happen through the Consecration to My beloved Mother Mary Most Holy, which was offered in all churches, including the offering by Pope Francis, to stop the war in Ukraine. But I have come to tell you that Heaven did not respond and did not make it happen.”

Our Lord Jesus then said, “I will tell you why.”

“The President of Russia, Putin, is a very evil one, and the race that he comes from is one of the worst races that ever lived on this planet earth. Nothing touched him, not even the prayers that were offered for him. He is a very wicked and hard person to be moved. He has a mind of his own. He is determined to continue the war and the killing of innocent people.”

Lord Jesus slowly shook His head from side to side, and with sadness, He said, “I tell you, do you know the second world war? That was very bad and horrible. But this war that he has started is just as bad.”

Valentina, My child, tell people not to stop praying for Ukraine. You must not stop! You must continue! Because if you stop the evil one is stronger and has more power over the country Ukraine, and it can easily spread all these problems to other surrounding countries.”

Then our Lord said, “But there is always hope. Prayer is the only solution to stop all this evil.”

Our Lord Jesus was very sad when He was telling me this message. I could see He was very disappointed, not in people, for He was very grateful and happy that so many people were praying, but He was very upset because of the wicked person who refuses to change.

Lord, have mercy on Ukraine and on the whole world.