29 March 2022

Souls in My Room

This evening after I finished my prayers, I suddenly started to feel very sick. It was unbearable agony, unusual pain in every part of my body. I have never seen so many souls in my room as during this night. They were crying and lamenting in many different languages, which I could not understand. I could see all blackness hanging like glue and spreading everywhere all around me, the walls, the ceilings and even on my bed, like huge swarms of bees covering everything in sight. The black represents their sins.

Suddenly, our Lord Jesus appeared and consoled me. He said, “Valentina, My child, I permit you to have extra pain for these souls. Did you see how many of them there are? I just don’t know what to do with them! Please help Me to save them.”

“Lord, I have never seen so many of them,” I said.

He said, “At the same time, through your pain, you console Me during this Lenten Season and the time of My Passion, that I suffer so much to redeem you all, and I still suffer for humanity that offends Me daily in the world.”

Then our Lord tried to cheer me up a little. I could see a smile on His Face when He said, “Would you like to know the good news of your offering and the pain you endured?”

Our Lord was standing next to me. I watched how He gazed up and raised His right Hand towards Heaven, and He said, “They are in the highest of Heaven, and you shall be rewarded greatly. I thought that I will tell you this to console you.”

Then we both laughed as we were consoling each other.

I said, “Lord, you console me, and I console You. But My Lord, You are worthy of all consolation from us because the world offends You so much.”

Our Lord was happy, and He said, “Thank you, Valentina, for understanding all of this.”

Our Lord became very emotional, and then with His right Hand touching His Sacred Heart, He said, “It pleases Me very much, and it touches My Sacred Heart so deeply.”

I said, “Lord, I love You and please be merciful to these Souls.”

The next morning the angel came, and he said to me, “Would you like to know how much good fruit your suffering produced?”

Then the angel showed me a huge pile of the most beautiful apples. They were so fresh and so beautiful, yellow and red fruits. They looked like they had just been harvested and unloaded from a truck.

The angel, smiling and trying to joke with me a little, asked, “Would you like to have the apples the way they are with their skin, or would you prefer to have them peeled?”

Bemused by his question, smiling, I replied, “No, I would prefer them to be the way they are because if you peel them, then you throw away all the goodness.”

“Yes, I thought you would like them the way they are. They are of much greater value than peeled ones,” he said.

Thinking of the souls that were in my room and that had been taken to Heaven, I said to the angel, “Gee, that was quick, for the souls to be purified and to go to their Heavenly home.”

The angel said, “Suffering is more powerful and offers much quicker relief for the souls, more than anything else.”

Our Lord’s presence during my suffering for these souls is significant because He instantly purified them through His mercy. They were all gone from my room.