27 November 2016

I was reciting the Apostles Creed to start praying the Rosary.

A vision appeared in front of me. I saw a great flame coming from Heaven.

“Not the fire that will burn and consume,” the Angel told me. “This is the fire that will purify each soul in the world. Each person will be affected by the flame of the Holy Spirit. This will be a chance for every soul, that God will give knowledge to each soul that He exists. This is the opportunity for all to see the Truth. Tell people to pray and come back to God instead of waiting until the last minute.”

While I was in church, the Lord Jesus said to me, “Next year, things will move in a much slower pace, instead of the rushing and anxiety that people are experiencing now.”

This rapid pace comes from the devil.

Jesus then said, “Tell people to repent and reconcile their sins, that way they will have peace in themselves and will not be affected so badly when the Examination of Conscience comes.” (This is the mini-judgement.)

Jesus said, “This was prophesised a long time ago, when the world was coming to the point of no return. I had to intervene to save their souls.”

“Be at peace. Proclaim the Word. Tell my people to convert and repent. My children it is still My Love and My Mercy that I want to give to you.”