27 November 2022

First Sunday of Advent

Homily about the people who lived in Noah’s Time

During Holy Mass, when Father Peter gave his homily, he explained how people from the time of Noah did not see the signs of the times.

He talked about the people living in the time of Noah and the Great Flood. In his homily, he said, “What is interesting about this story about Noah and the Great Flood is that the people didn’t sense what was coming. It wasn’t necessarily that the people in Noah’s time were bad; they just ignored the signs.”

Immediately in my heart, Lord Jesus said, “It was not the signs of the time that the people did not acknowledge, but they were sinning so terribly. It was their sin that caused this. They offended Me so gravely that there was no way out but to punish them.”

Fr Peter tried to defend the people of the time, but the truth is that it was the sin of the world that caused the Great Flood.