28 November 2022

Travel to America

While I was at home, at about seven thirty this evening, I was meditating on the Divine Mercy prayers when suddenly I saw a flash of light appear, and in a split moment, I found myself in this strange place. It was not a place I recognised. It looked like a typical city suburb with no tall buildings.

All of a sudden, I saw my guardian angel with me. I asked the angel, “Where are we? Where am I? Where is this place?”

He answered, “You are in America.”

“America!” I exclaimed. “My goodness me, what am I doing in America?”

He said, “You have to witness something.”

Beckoning me, he said, “Look around.”

I did as the angel instructed, and the first thing I noticed was a road. In the middle of this road, I could see people in smaller groups, dressed in ordinary clothes and involved in different activities; some playing tennis, some dancing, and others strolling, talking and laughing.

I went further in to look around these buildings and these people. As I did so, I could see along each side of this road were many nails lying on the ground. There were thousands and thousands of them, all different sizes; some large, some small.

I asked the angel, “What are they doing with these nails? Why are there so many nails?”

Anyway, I bent down and picked up one of the smaller nails.

I said, “Oh, that will be alright for me. I might use it to hang a picture on the wall in my home.”

But then, in my heart, I felt ‘no, don’t take it.’

Then the angel said, “Put it back down, don’t take it. It is for evil.” I put the nail back down, and then I looked around. The angel was with me, and I said, “But this is a strange place. What are we doing here?”

My guardian angel answered, “I want to reveal to you how American people are very peculiar. They act very strangely in many ways. Pray for America because America will be punished very greatly.”

Talking about that and looking around at these people, I agreed, “My goodness me, they really are peculiar.”

The angel revealed, “God the Father is offended by America.”

I took a deep breath, and the next minute, I found myself back in my body, sitting in my lounge room. I felt physically exhausted as my spirit came back into my body too quickly.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on the American people.