28 January 2021

Visit to Heaven to see someone I Knew


Early in the morning, while I was praying, the angel appeared and said, “Come with me, our Lord wants you to witness something that you have been praying for. There is someone for you to see that you knew in your life. You will be very surprised.”


A year ago, on the 1 February 2020, four beautiful children were killed in a tragic accident while walking on the sidewalk on their way to get some ice-cream, when a car ran into them. Three of the children were siblings, Angelina, Sienna and Antony, and the fourth, Veronique, was their cousin.


I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Veronique on quite a few occasions; at family prayer groups, where I was invited to talk about the Messages I receive from Heaven, and to pray together. On one of those occasions, a few years ago, I was invited by Veronique’s mother to their home for a prayer gathering, where we prayed the Holy Rosary, and I talked about the Messages. It was a beautiful afternoon of prayer and sharing our faith. Many people came with their families. Her three little cousins, who died in the same accident, were also there.


Last year I was given a little memento box with a photo of Veronique on the exterior, and inside the box were rosary beads.


About two weeks ago, the thought suddenly came to me, ‘I think I am going to pray on Veronique’s rosary beads.’ I offered the rosary for her soul. Since then, I had such joy in me that I continued to pray for her and her three little cousins. I offered them all to our Blessed Mother.


While I was praying, I asked the Lord, “Lord, are Veronique and the other children in Heaven yet?”


It appears that all this was leading to the visitation by the angel today. Suddenly, the angel and I found ourselves in a building that looked like a church, but unlike churches here on earth, there were no statues of saints. There was an Altar and many, many pews, divided into four sections. The room was huge, like the size of a large cathedral.


The pews were full of young girls; at least three hundred of them, all about the same age, about twelve to thirteen years old. They were sitting very close next to each other. They were all so beautiful with beautiful hair, and dressed identically, wearing beautiful dark green blazers, with light blue coloured shirts, with simple collars. They each had a beautiful heavenly ornament stretching across the blazer; something holy was on each ornament. Their skirts were white with blue checkers all over and were quite long. They wore black shoes.


The angel directed me to sit in one of the pews. I did so, right at the end, next to a narrow aisle. I was seated somewhere in the middle of the large building. There was a little partition behind me, and then to my left side, there was another line of pews.


At the front was an Altar, and I could see a Priest there. I did not know if the Priest was our Lord Jesus or a saintly priest. He wore beautiful white vestments embellished with exquisite gold embroidery.


He was talking to all the girls, teaching them things. They listened intently, but, once in a while, they would be praising God and singing.


They were singing, ‘Sanctum, Sanctum, Benedictum, Tuum.’ and

Adoremus ,Adoremus in aeternum Sanctissimum Sacramentum.’

They were singing ‘we adore You, we adore You’; all praising and singing was in Latin. It was so beautiful and uplifting.


Suddenly, I found myself joining in, and singing and praising along with them. I was singing so joyfully in a very high voice; as loud as I could sing, at the top of my voice. I felt so happy and overjoyed at the whole experience. It was quite amazing, as on earth I don’t have the same singing voice. However, in Heaven, my voice was so clear and so high and so melodic. It carries you into praising and adoring God. It is such a beautiful grace.


When the singing stopped, it was quiet again. I turned my head to my left, and a girl sitting opposite me, across the aisle, turned towards me and in a joyful voice said, “Oh, hello Valentina! I recognised you by your singing voice.”


It was Veronique! She looked about twelve years old but more mature—what a beautiful surprise.


Excited, she said, “How good to see you. I’m so happy.”


I said to her, “You look so beautiful!” I have never seen her look so beautiful.


We were whispering to one another, so as not to disturb the other girls.


Veronique’s hair was glowingly beautiful and loosely falling to just below her shoulders, so soft and shiny. Her face was glowing with the radiance of holiness.


As the aisle between us was relatively narrow, we were able to move closer to each other.


Veronique said, “It’s so good to see you. Are you going to stay with me?”


“I wish I could, but I can’t,” I replied.


“Can you go behind me and stay with me?” she asked.


I said, “I wish I could, but I have to go.”


I only had limited time to witness what she was doing. I asked, “What are you all doing?”


She said, “We are in Spiritual School. We are learning all about the Spiritual.”


I understood that learning continues in Heaven. What she missed here on earth, she will learn in Heaven. Already, since she died, I feel that she has grown up, developed more, and is more mature. She looked so beautiful. Oh, she was so radiant and so happy.


“What a beautiful girl,” I said “Wow!” Veronique is now completely transformed from what she looked like while here on earth. She was beautiful while alive, but now she is even more beautiful.


In my heart, I pondered how she did not ask me for her mother or her brother or anybody. She is complete in Heaven, so she does not need anything. She does not want to be sorrowful, and she does not miss anybody. She was glad to see me because I was there present. And for me, our Lord gives me the grace to see her and to know where she is now. When I looked around to see if I could see the other three children, I could not see them. The other girls who died were of different ages, so they would be with girls of their own age, the boy would be with boys of his own age.


After the angel brought me home, I could not get over it, and I said “Thank You, Lord, for giving me this grace, to witness Veronique. Now I know that she is in a beautiful place, and she continues in the Spiritual School.”


In the spiritual school in Heaven, Veronique does not need to learn earthly skills. In Heaven, you must learn spiritually; adoring and praising God, and learning about other things about God, that she maybe did not learn here on earth.


I reflected on this experience all day long, and completely immersed my mind in the beauty of everything I had just experienced; the singing and praising God. I can still see Veronique so vividly, and I felt so happy the whole day.


Lord Jesus, thank you for this beautiful grace.


Many times, I receive messages from our Lord that are for a particular person or family. Recently our Lord Jesus said, “Whatever messages I give you, it doesn’t matter for whom the message is. Whether it is for a particular person or a general message for everyone, you must send the messages to everyone. Everyone is allowed to read them because they can touch many souls in different ways, not only one person. Many people in the world may have experienced similar tragedies in their lives, so they all need consolation. The messages can touch many people. Let nothing stop you.”