27 January 2021

A Soul Receives the Everlasting Crown of Life


At home, while I was praying the Rosary and the Consecration to our Blessed Mother, I asked Blessed Mother, “Is it still good the way we consecrate ourselves to your Immaculate Heart, during the Cenacle prayers?”


Blessed Mother appeared. In her hands, she held what looked like a board with prayers on it. She said, “Oh, yes, that is good. You must continue.”


I continued praying when suddenly I was taken away and found myself in Heaven, sitting on a bench next to our Blessed Mother. We began chatting to each other, when, suddenly, to our right, coming through a door were many people. Amongst them was a lady I knew from my local Slovenian Church. Her name is Maria. She looked so radiant and beautiful and was beautifully dressed.


She came in and joyfully exclaimed, “I was dead, and now I am alive! And I will live forever and ever!”


Blessed Mother was smiling as Maria came towards us. She embraced Blessed Mother and kissed her on both cheeks. Maria was grateful to her, as Blessed Mother probably consoled her many times. She then also kissed me on both cheeks and then hugged me.


She then stood back. There were other ladies there as well. She said, “I have received the Crown of Life, and no-one will ever take it away from me. I will live forever and will never die again.” She was so happy, and Blessed Mother was smiling.


Maria continued and said, “I can do anything I want now, and right now, I am going to visit three places.” She now had freedom, and never again will she die. She was so happy and joyous.


While she was alive on earth, I remember Maria had ginger-blonde hair, and her face had many prominent age spots. However, now she looked so beautiful, her face was now spotless and so radiant. Blessed Mother was so joyful with her.


I said to Maria, “Maria, I prayed for you too.”


“I know you did,” she said.


A few years ago, I met Maria in Purgatory; the angel took me there. She was among a lot of people. When I came near her, she turned her face away from me. She looked very sad and miserable. I remember I said to her that I was surprised she was still in Purgatory, I thought she would already be in Heaven. She told me that she was not worthy to even look at me. I asked her why. She said that while she was alive, she, along with others, criticised me as they didn’t believe I truly received messages from Heaven and that I had Heavenly experiences. For this, she told she had to suffer in Purgatory.


I told her back then, not to worry that I forgive her and that I will help her and pray for her, as I wanted to give her encouragement.


Now, Maria is in Heaven, completely transformed, so beautiful and radiant. God is so good.


Blessed Mother then said to me, “Well, now, I have to go and visit three people on earth. One of them is Rudi, whom you know. He is waiting for your messages. You promised him the messages, but you did not give them to him yet. He loves the messages. He loves our Holy Word, and I am going to visit him. I love Rudi very much; he is very devoted to me.” She then said the names of two other people she will visit. I did not know them.


Thank you, Blessed Mother, for your prayers and your love for all your children.