24 January 2021

Bear it with Love

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


Today, during the Holy Mass, I said “Lord, I am sorry that we offend You with the wearing of the mask. I feel so uncomfortable, and it is so annoying.”


Our Lord responded, “Bear it! Bear it with love.”


And then He said, “I tell you once more, through the Coronavirus, that has spread all over the world, I was hoping people would convert and repent and change.”


“But they haven’t, only a very few have,” He said.


“How people are so blind. Repentance is everything. When they repent, I Am willing to forgive and to forget. But if they don’t repent, My right Hand is very heavy. I have to lower it down again. You’d better tell My children something else will come.”


“Repentance is the key word today,” He said


When people repent of their sins, stop offending God, and adjust their lives, God will definitely be merciful. If people don’t, who knows what is ahead of us. The future is in our hands.