28 March 2021

Feast of Palm Sunday

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta

During the night, I was suffering intense pain in my leg. Later that morning, during the Holy Mass, our Lord said, “Bear it with love. Valentina. Do not look sad when you suffer because the whole of Heaven is watching you. You are in My Holy Presence.”

“All those souls that you offer Me, they will be with Me in Heaven for Easter, and they will be crowned with the Crown of Eternal Life.”

He said, “Pray for the congregation in this church and for congregations in all the churches.”

I said, “Lord, I really appreciate the beautiful weather and the grace You give us to celebrate the Feast of Palm Sunday freely. Thank You, Lord Jesus.”

Our Lord said, “Don’t think of the past. That is gone! Think of the moment that you are here. I give you a special grace and blessing for all of you to be here present.”

“Pray for those who are far away from Me,” He said.

During the distribution of Holy Communion, our Lord lamented, “Valentina, My child, look around you! The church is full, and everyone comes and receives My Holy Body, but only a few come to Me to confess their sins.”

“You don’t know how this offends Me. Pray that I will be merciful to these people.”

May the Lord Bless you this Holy Easter and protect you and your families. Trust in our Lord and continue to pray, and do not give up.