29 June 2023

Solemnity of St Peter and Paul

During the Solemnity of the Holy Mass for St Peter and St Paul, I suddenly experienced the presence of St Peter and St Paul.

They both smiled and said, “Our Lord gives us privilege to talk to you. Today you celebrate a very special feast of us, the Apostles, but in Heaven, they give thanksgiving and adoration to our Lord Jesus for choosing us to be His Apostles while we lived on earth.”

“Valentina, you too, be happy and courageous and spread the Holy Word of our Lord Jesus to people.”

They smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid of the devil or of anyone. Jesus is your fortress and protection, and no one can harm you. While we lived on earth, we, too, had fear and persecution. Our lives were always in danger, but our Lord saved us and protected us from all evil.”

“We tried to convert people and speak to them the Holy Word of our Lord Jesus so they could be saved and inherit Eternal Life. Be always grateful for all your graces that our Lord Jesus showers upon you because He chooses you, and He loves you very much. Try to convert people and to share His Holy Word of Repentance and Conversion, so they can be saved and inherit Eternal Life.”

While talking to me, they said, “Valentina, pray for the churches because the churches are very much down now, all over the world.”

They were smiling and standing side by side, dressed in the most beautiful white Apostolic garments over which they wore glimmering stoles. They were all glowing, and many saints surrounded them. It was a huge celebration in Heaven; all glory and thanks go to God.

St Peter and St Paul pray for us and pray for the Holy Apostolic Church.