18 June 2023

Prophecy from 1995 Being Fulfilled Now

During the night, I was suffering a lot for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, when all of a sudden I found myself in Heaven with our Lord Jesus.

I was sitting in front of a raised stand on which sat an ice cream machine. I brought with me folded sheets of paper, which I placed right next to the machine. Some of the Messages I had received from our Lord back in 1995 were written on these sheets of paper.

Behind this machine stood our Lord Jesus, who served ice cream to two ladies, both dressed in white. As they stood there waiting to be served by our Lord, they just kept talking and talking, and talking and talking. Oh my goodness, they never stopped.

I watched as our Lord then served the two ladies, giving each of them a large, very generous scoop of ice cream in a cone. It was like a combination of vanilla and a chocolate flavour. He really piled high the ice cream; it was abundant.

They said, “Oh, thank you! We’ll be back!”

Smiling, our Lord said to them, “Take your time. Lick it slowly!”

I started to laugh as I immediately understood when He said to them to lick it slowly, so they wouldn’t return that quickly.

As the ladies turned around, each one holding their ice cream, a big chunk flew right onto the messages I had put on the stand.

Our Lord smiled and said to me, “It’s something sweet!”

I understood it means His Holy Word is sweet.

Our Lord Jesus blessed the messages, and then said, “Tell people to re-read these messages and refresh their memories. These are all things that have to come to fulfilment.”

“Meditate on this message ( 3-7-1995). The date doesn’t matter because the message is not yet fulfilled, but it is happening. These are the signs of the times that you live in, and they are signs of the End Times. You will experience all of this and all of this has to be fulfilled before My Coming. All this is unfolding now, and it will happen.”

After the two ladies had left, our Lord started laughing. He looked at me and said, “What a chatterbox!”

“Talk, talk, talk! They talk too much!”

He said, “They use their energy; so much talking.”

“That was so funny,” I said.

Then our Lord commented about the people in the world.

He said, “That’s what people in the world do today! They talk and talk and talk and waste their energy instead of praying.”

I understood there is too much talking, especially in the government, the news reporting, and all kinds of commercials. They try to confuse people with all kinds of information, which is rubbish, so that people won’t see the truth. They overload them with rubbish news.

I was quite surprised as I never knew that there would be so much talking in Heaven.

These two souls arrived into Heaven very recently, and our Lord was serving them. He showed me that He is the One who serves everybody, nourishing them with ice cream from Heaven.

However, the souls in Purgatory don’t talk so much because they are suffering and worry about their own salvation.


Message from 3 July 1995 (Re-published as requested by our Lord)

An angel appeared, saying, “Come, I will show what will happen in the very near future. The persecution of the churches.” I was shown three churches. In one church, I saw people waiting for Mass to begin, but as the Mass didn’t start, the people were confused and anxiously conferred with one another. I saw the altar around which six ladies were sitting. A priest was sitting in the midst of them, talking and laughing with them in a light-hearted manner.


I asked the angel, “Who are those ladies?” He answered, “They are the ministers of the Eucharist. They forced themselves into the church long ago. The priests no longer care to do anything anymore in the church and they leave all to these ladies. The devil gives all the power to these ladies.”


The people were in panic. There was no Mass, just a reading, all-sitting down. One of the lady ministers at the altar said, “The Mass is not necessary anymore, nor Holy Communion.” The Tabernacle was completely removed from the church. They continued, “No need to worry about this. Jesus is in your heart; no need to receive Him; that is old-fashioned. We live in the modern world.”


On the altar, I saw a bottle of wine and a Chalice. Without any ceremony, the ladies held out the Chalice and said, “You can still receive the wine if you want to.” But the people didn’t go to receive it. The lady ministers drank the wine themselves while talking and laughing amongst themselves. Among the people, many were crying at what was happening. They started leaving the church empty and unsatisfied. I was taken out of the church and around to the side, where I saw these lady ministers drinking the wine among themselves, making a mockery of Jesus’s Precious Blood. Some they gave to their own friends to take and drink with their meal. I heard them saying, “Why should we give this wine to all of the people when we can drink it all ourselves.”


I cried and cried at what I saw. I said to the angel, “Why does Our Lord allow this to happen? This is the worst thing that can happen.” The angel said to me, “The earth will be dry; there will be no more Eucharist. So will the souls be dry. Go now, receive while you still can. Tell people how precious is the Body of the Lord. Receive Him and appreciate Him while you still can because the time is very near for all these events to happen.”