29 March 2018

Holy Thursday

Washing the Feet of our Lord Jesus


I went to bed about 1am, but due to the intense physical pain that I was suffering, I couldn’t fall asleep. Then at about 5am, as I was trying to doze off, holding my rosary beads in my hand, the angel appeared, and commanded me to get up.

The angel said, “You must get up! You are very privileged. You are to wash the Feet of our Lord.”

I obeyed the angel and got up. Suddenly, a white round dish-tub appeared in front of me. The angel then poured some water into the dish. He poured just enough to allow for the dipping of feet. Suddenly our Lord Jesus was present too.

He was dressed in a long white tunic. He then pulled up His tunic up to the calves. Resting His right Hand on the angel’s shoulder so as to maintain His balance, He dipped His right Foot into the water. I was then provided with a soft white cloth and started to wash our Lord’s Feet right up to the calves.

As I was washing His Feet, our Lord was very cheerful and smiling at me. He said, “My Child, you are the first one to wash My Feet, and tonight it will be repeated by the Universal Church. This is tradition, which was done at the Last Supper, and it keeps repeating year by year.”

After I had washed Jesus’s right Foot, He removed it from the water. I then dried it, with a pinkish-coloured cloth, given to me by the angel.

Then our Lord placed His left Foot into the dish-tub, and I did the same.

Our Lord is pure and holy, and He doesn’t have to have His Feet washed. He showed me that the washing of the feet is a cleansing, before the Institution of the Eucharist.

The disciples also had to be cleansed, but each priest and each church must be cleansed before the offering of the Holy Eucharist.

When the angel said that I was to wash the Feet of our Lord, I said, “Me? I am not worthy. Do I have to?” I didn’t feel worthy.

The angel responded, “Yes, you have to. He wants you to do that and He chooses you. Don’t ever say no to God. Be happy, be humble and obedient.”

As I was washing our Lord’s Feet, I understood that through this action I was a servant of our Lord.

When I finished, Jesus and the angel departed.

After they departed, I suddenly felt a piercing pain in a particular point on my right palm. The pain was internal, and very severe. I understood the pain would stay and only ease off after the Resurrection of our Lord. It is to console our Lord during His Passion.