29 September 2017

Feasts of Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


During the Holy Mass, our Lord said, “Be at peace My child. I know you are all very distressed at all the news you hear, the negativity and the lies that you hear from the media each day.”


“The devil is trying to confuse you all now, in these times that you are living through. I want to tell you that you are going through the most restless of times right now. The whole world is in confusion. Do not be upset. Things will change. I will change the world. What I require from you My children, right now, is to offer Me a lot of prayers.”


He said, “You wonder why you are going through this dry spell and not receiving any rain. These are also the signs for people to open their eyes and change. Do you know another reason why I have restricted the rain in Australia? One time I was very loved in this country of Australia. People were very devoted to Me and they loved Me. Now the times have changed for the worse. They have rejected Me and rebelled against Me. They have pushed Me away. They do not believe in the True God anymore.”


“This is very hurtful. The pain is deep in My Heart. Let us see how far humanity can go without God.”


Our Lord was really lamenting to me.


He then said, “But do not be upset. In two years time there will be a big change in the world.”


“Valentina, you will be very happy for this change.”


Jesus was smiling when He said this, but He did not say any more. He did not explain what this change would be.


Our Lord repeated, “That is why I require from you My children a lot of prayers. They must be offered to Me.”


It is very important that we offer many prayers to our Lord. We can offer to our Lord prayers such as the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. The prayers must be sincere and from the heart.

For the changes to come about in the world our Lord wants us to participate with prayer, and not to waste time entertaining ourselves with useless pastimes or the things of this world.