25 September 2017


Today our blessed Mother came with the child Jesus. He was very sad. He looked about nine or ten years of age. He was crying and crying so much.


Our blessed Mother and our Queen was very unhappy. She said, “I come to you so you can see for yourself how my Son is offended by humanity. He cries like a child. No one seems to be able to console Him. He is rejected and pushed away. People don’t believe that God exists anymore.”


“No one cares for the homeless and the very poor. No one cares to help them. The world is becoming more self-loving and sinful. People are committing terrible crimes by killing innocent people throughout the world. My Son cries like a child and no one comes to Him to ask for His protection and His help. He cries so much for souls, when they die unexpectedly and suddenly, unrepentant of their sins. Many are lost forever. Jesus loves everyone and He wants to save all of His children.”


“Console my Son” she said, ‘Tell people to turn away from sin. That is the only consolation that will heal His Sacred Heart.”

Blessed Mother repeated once again, “No matter what I tried to tell Him, nothing would make Him happy.”

As the child Jesus turned around towards me, I hugged Him and said, ” I love You My Lord Jesus. Please don’t cry.”

But He was still crying. Nothing would console Him.


While blessed Mother was telling me this message and showing me the Child Jesus, I felt in my Heart that this message would lead to a tragedy, because our Lord knew what was about to happen in America. He was very unhappy, crying like a baby, for so many lives that would be lost.


Jesus our Lord have mercy on everyone and bless them