17 September 2017

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


Today, during Holy Mass, our Lord said, “See, My daughter, I give you a beautiful day today. You should be very joyful and happy.”


I said, “Thank you Father, for giving us this beautiful day.”


He continued, “Do you know, every day people on earth do good deeds, but bad things happen as well. That is how the world goes round and round.”


Our Lord showed me this by illustrating with His Hands a circular movement.


During Mass, during the Eucharistic Celebration, I saw our Lord as King. He was dressed in a majestic dusty blue robe, a most beautiful outfit. Upon His Head was a beautiful Crown full of jewels.


He said, “As King, I want to tell you that My reign will soon come upon earth, and people will praise Me for what is coming. Be courageous and pray. Do not despair. My reign is truly coming! My reign, that I will establish on earth will last a long time.”


He said, “I give you hope so do not despair. Do not despair but trust in Me. I Am always close to you.”


Our Lord came to tell us this because He knows that we are going through difficult and confusing times. He knows how sad, depressed and troubled we can be here on earth today.


Jesus comes to always give us hope.