3 January 2023

The Little Boy Jesus Leads Me to Help the Holy Souls

This morning the Angel came and took me to Purgatory to visit souls. Little Boy Jesus accompanied me. I held Him by His Hand. He was about three to four years old.

He had beautiful curly blonde hair and wore a little white gown. When the souls would see us, they would say, “Oh, there is Valentina with the little Boy. She always walks with Him wherever she goes.” The souls do not know that the Little Boy is Lord Jesus as He disguises Himself.

Little Boy Jesus led me through a part of Purgatory where we repeatedly descended and ascended as there were many poor souls to visit. Many of the souls I could see, and I could talk to them, and they were outside. However, many others were inside, in the deepest darkness in what can best be described as buildings. I did not see them.

We walked together the whole time, Little Boy Jesus and I. He kept taking me up, and then down, and back up again, in the same place quite a few times. The reason our Lord walks with me is that He wants to show me how many souls are in desperate need of help, so He leads me.

He said, “See how many of them there are.”

The souls in this place were of different ages. There were men and women, and even little children were here. I don’t know if they died with their parents, but they were together. They were all waiting. I don’t know their religion. They kept looking at us and asking us for help.

I said to Lord Jesus, “They are pretty messy. Look at their clothing. They are not very clean.”

There was so much mess, clothing, and other things scattered everywhere.

“What a mess,” I said. The mess represents the sin on their souls.

The souls I encountered would ask if I had something for them to eat. Others would ask for money. Others were thirsty.

As we walked past a particular group of souls, they asked, “Lady, can you go and get us a cup of coffee?”

I said, “I don’t have any money. I can’t buy you a cup of coffee.”

One boy I met in Purgatory asked me for fifteen dollars, and I replied, “I haven’t got any money to give you.”

Sometimes when the souls ask for money, it means that while they were alive, they had done something wrong with money.

For this particular boy, I understood that I could help and ease his suffering in Purgatory through charity. One day I helped some poor people living on the streets. As I walked past, I stopped and gave fifteen dollars to three needy people, giving each of them five dollars. Through this act of charity and my offering, I helped the poor boy in Purgatory, and in this way, I paid off his debt.

So many times lately, I noticed that Little Boy Jesus accompanies me through Purgatory. He takes me to see the poor souls because He loves each of them so very much. He wants me to help them to get to Heaven. He wants to redeem them.

Thank you, Little Boy Jesus, for Your love for the Holy Souls.