3 January 2023

The Angel asked me to keep Silent

This morning the angel came and took me to Purgatory. Suddenly I found myself among many Holy Souls. We were in an open area. They all gathered around me, saying to each other, “There is the lady who walks with the little Boy.”

They came up close and asked me, “Valentina, why are you such a favourite of God? What is the purpose of this, that he so favours you? He is always with you. Yes, He favours you.”

I said to the souls, “I don’t know why He favours me. I know I have to help souls and people. I don’t know how I am favourite to Him.”

“Yes, yes, you are very favourite to Him and special to Him, and he chose you,” said the souls.

I said, “Do you know why He is doing all that? It is to help all of you. To help the souls in Purgatory and to help the people on earth.”

They asked, “Can you please tell us how it all began, that you receive so much Grace from God?”

So, I started to tell them how the visions from Heaven began and also about my life.

All of a sudden, the angel came rushing to my side.

The angel commanded me, “Stop! Keep silent! Don’t say anymore.”

He said, “While they were listening to you, they were trying to get everything out of you. You were starting to tell them everything, and while talking to them, they did not suffer.”

“They do not deserve that you console them in that way, telling them all the beautiful things that happened. The Messages have been around for a long time, and they should have read them and benefited from them while they were living on earth, but they were not interested. Now they would like to have everything.”

I looked around, and the souls still stood there, waiting for me to tell them more. But the angel stopped me.

I understood they could not suffer at that moment because they were listening to the Holy Word of God through what I was telling them. In all innocence, I tried telling them, not realising the benefit to them.

When I found myself back home, I thought to myself, ‘Never before have I remained silent, with the souls just looking at me, waiting for more.’