3 November 2023

Prayer and Repentance is the Most Important Now in the World

Cenacle Rosary Prayer Group

Blessed Mother said, “My children, this is a very special moment when you gather around me and my Son. We really wait on your prayers that you offer Us. You have no idea how much prayer is needed for the world, especially for the war and many other disasters that are happening, and your prayers are consoling Me and my Son. I, as your Mother, always shed my tears for the children less fortunate than you are, especially those that die suddenly and unrepentant.”

“You don’t know the value of your prayers that you offer to us, as it helps so many children for the salvation of their souls.”

“Nothing is wasted. You receive a special blessing that my Son blesses you with. At the same time, you console the Lord, Who is so offended by the world. Valentina, my daughter, when people ask you, ‘What did the Blessed Mother say?’ Tell them that your Mother loves you all and my Son Jesus, but what We need right now in the world is prayer and repentance. That is the most important.”

Thank you Blessed Mother and Lord Jesus.