8 November 2023

Meeting Father Luca from the Marian Movement of Priests

Today, I attended the Celebration of Holy Mass and Cenacle Prayers led by the Director of the Marian Movement of Priests, Father Luca Pescatori, who is visiting Australia. The Blessed Mother was very happy that I went.

At first, I thought I will not go because I had other plans.

Then, this morning, Blessed Mother appeared, and with a sense of urgency, she said, “My daughter Valentina, I want you to attend the retreat of Father Luca. If you don’t go, you might regret it forever. There may not be another opportunity.”

She really urged me to attend the retreat. So, I quickly got ready and organised to go with my friends.

When we arrived, we were led into a beautiful old building surrounded by lovely gardens. The gathering of people, with the Holy Mass, Exposition and prayers, was most beautiful.

Father Luca also shared with us about the Marian Movement of Priests in the world today.

Afterwards, I was very blessed to meet in private with Father Luca, who represents the late Father Gobbi. I shared with him that we have had a Cenacle Prayer group at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta, for more than thirty years now. He was listening and was very impressed.

Thank you Blessed Mother for leading and guiding the Cenacle Prayer Groups throughout the world.