30 January 2017

While I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet at home, God the Father appeared and said, “My Daughter, how sad it makes Me to look at the world today, what makes you worried and depressed at what you see and experience, all the turmoils that are happening around you. ”

“America, especially, is in great danger under this new President. He will not make America great again, but instead divided and hateful. That is not the way to restrict people. I, the Father, bless America above all nations and make her strong to help all other nations, no matter what religion or culture. They have the right to live in this land, but of course the devil confuses everyone, especially the leaders. He tells them to lie and hate, and he stirs up everyone.”

“My children, from the very beginning, I your Father and Creator send My Most Holy daughter Mary, and Mother of My Son, to this dark, sinful world, to save you and to teach you to convert and to pray. To this day you did not understand Me. My Word did not penetrate into your heart, you remain deaf and blind to My Call and Plea. Now, it is all revealed and put in front of you and you still refuse to accept the reality of what your see and experience in everyday life. It will only get worse and can even bring revolution, war and self-destruction.”

“My daughter, tell people of My Love and My Plea to all of you to go back to the old ways, the simple and truthful ways. To turn to God with love and prayer. If My children respond to all that I ask of them then you will see changes in the world that you have never experienced before. I, the Father, can do anything because I love you all so much. Go in Peace and announce My Word to all My children.”

At the same time that God the Father was giving me this message I was shown a vision. In the vision I could see people going about their daily lives and were very carefree. God the father showed me that even the good people don’t understand the urgency of His message.  I saw large groups of people going to work in the morning. Then, I could see them heading home from work in the afternoon. Some were going shopping, others going out to restaurants for dinner, meeting friends, laughing having a good time, being happy amongst themselves, talking, looking for good times. God the Father showed me that they are not interested in what was happening in the world around them. They like to be free of any worries and dismiss and block out everything that is happening around them. They want to keep on enjoying their lives even if they hear of disasters.


Thank you God the Father, have mercy on us.