22 January 2017

Today in the Church when I received Holy Communion and thanked the Lord, our Lord Jesus appeared to me and said, “My child, you once told Me that no-one in the world is so important, no matter how rich or famous they are, whether they are a king or queen or movie star or anybody, only our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Most Holy are important. They are the King and Queen and nobody else.

Our Lord was then looking at me and smiling He said, “My child, keep that in your mind always. If you don’t you will pain My Sacred Heart and offend Me.”

Our Lord said, “Don’t worry about President Trump. He is in power now and the people have elected him, if he will do good for the nation it will be good but if he doesn’t keep his promises and deliver on them then people will lose their trust in him.”

“Most of the leaders of the world are corrupt and liars. They do not realise that God is always watching them. They do not think that their body will one day be corrupt and perish forever. Only the spirit will remain and have to face Me to be judged. Their souls will be saved according to the good deeds that they bring with them.”