19 January 2017

Lord Jesus said, “Today, don’t look at the world. Seek only the One and the Truth.

There will be many disasters in the world this year. America will be in great turmoil and there will be restlessness among the people.”


Later that day, I thanked the Lord Jesus for the Graces he bestowed upon us. After I had just returned home from prayer of the Holy Rosary, and had talked about the messages to a group of people including my friends, the Blessed Mother appeared to me.


Many times, when Blessed Mother would appear and I would greet her, ‘Blessed Mother my Mother’,  she would always smile back gently saying, “You should always greet me, ‘Blessed Mother and My Queen’.”


She would like us to always address her as our Mother and Queen.


She said, “My child, how quickly people panic when something goes wrong in their lives. I come to tell you the devil confuses everybody, and stirs them up. He puts negative thoughts in their mind. He divides people, even the leaders of the world, and he destroys marriages, he destroys families, and puts fear in everyone.”


“My children, you have a very shallow faith. You have to trust my Son more, that He will help you, and not believe the devil. To overcome all these worries and problems you must rebuke the devil, and pray and call upon the Name of My Son Jesus, several times, so that He will come to your aid. The devil will flee away and have no power over you.”


‘My Children, you now live in such confusing times, you don’t know what is right and what is wrong. He confuses you so badly.”


Blessed Mother said, ‘Pray and protect yourself my children.”