30 November 2016

Today Our Lord gave me a message. He came to me with a gentle smile and then He said. “Peace be with you Valentina. Proclaim my peace to all the people wherever you go and to whom you meet. Pray for peace in these critical times you live in. I give you an extraordinary sign in the weather that you experience all over the world. Here in this country of Australia you will have all sorts of weather and it will be catastrophical. I wish that people would open their eyes to all these changes and to recognise that God exists. They must change their lives and so stop offending God.
Instead they must beg Him for forgiveness and mercy.”

“My children I am very sorry that you must all suffer through all this- But do not give up and do not despair I am always with you and I love you all. Tell everyone to trust in Me your Lord Jesus.” Our Lord continued with the message. “Valentina will you do something for Me?” “Yes my Lord I will.”

“I wish you to talk to people about my Holy Mama, The Holy Virgin Mary, so that people will give her honour praise and thanks and get to know her better. She is constantly interceding for all of you. I wish you also to speak to priests. I want them to talk more about My beloved Mother in the Churches. I beg you Valentina even in this church (St Raphael’s Merrylands) speak to your priest. Up until now none of my requests were granted. All were rejected. This upsets Me very much. Ask them at least that this petition be granted. Beg your priest Father Valerijan that I wish that at the end of each Mass this prayer be said to My beloved Mother.

We come to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God, despise not our petitions in our necessities; but deliver us from all evil, O glorious and blessed Virgin.

This will please my Mother very much. Both of Us will be present in the church when this prayer is recited. My children give glory and honour to my Mother. I want the world to recognise my Mother, after all it will be through Her that the world will be saved. She constantly intercedes for all of you because She loves you so much.”

I said, “Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for giving us your beloved and beautiful Mother. Thank you my beautiful Mother for loving us so much. Pray for us your children who love you very much.” Our Lord Jesus always gives us hope and assures us not to be afraid but to trust in Him because He is always with us. Have mercy on us O Lord Jesus.