31 December 2021

Saint Padre Pio pleads to our Lord for the World

I prayed the rosary, and then I pleaded to our Lord for the world. I asked if He could heal the world from this terrible virus that is upon us all so that in the new year, the world would be healed from this horrible disease, and the people would be freed from the controls by the governments, constantly telling us what to do.

When I pleaded to our Lord, I thought, ‘I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to ask all the Heavenly Saints to intercede for us. I’m going to ask each one that I know of by name!’

I thought, ‘Wow, we have so many Saints in Heaven, why not ask them to intercede for us.’

I then prayed, “All of you Saints, Apostles and Martyrs, please intercede for the world for the poor people on earth. You are so close to our Lord. I am sure He won’t say no to you.”

I called upon everyone I could think of; I called each of them by name.

When I finished making my prayer offerings to all the Saints, St Padre Pio suddenly appeared to me about an hour later. He looked so radiant and beautiful. He was holding Baby Jesus in His Arms. Baby Jesus appeared as a little toddler.

St Padre Pio then sat Baby Jesus on a small side cabinet and turned to talk to me. He raised his arms to Heaven and started speaking to me in Italian. He said, “Valentina, I have come to tell you that for what you asked, you put the whole of Heaven in ecstasy. Our Lord specially chose me to come to you, and I also come to tell you that I interceded for what you asked for humanity, to free them from this Coronavirus because people are suffering.”

“I really pleaded with our Lord and asked Him to have mercy, but I could not convince Him for what I asked. With all my pleading, our Lord’s answer is No.”

“But do you know why? I will tell you. Our Lord is very offended by humanity in the world; they ignore Him, and they live in terrible sin, worse than ever before, worse than in previous generations. People do not realise that they are committing horrible sins, and they continue to live in this way, against God’s law, against His Commandments.”

“Valentina, don’t be discouraged. Proclaim our Lord’s Word that He gives you. Tell people to come to our Lord, to know Him. He is such a loving God. He waits for everyone to come to Him. But repentance is the key word. He wants everyone to repent and to come to Him.”

“Many events will unfold, especially in the new year, but if people repent and change their way of life, our Lord can change many things and not allow them to happen.”

After our conversation, I looked towards the small cabinet and noticed that little Jesus as a toddler was gone, then suddenly Lord Jesus appeared as an adult. I was so pleased that our Lord was present. I felt so secure in His holy presence. He was now standing raised high above the floor while St Padre Pio was standing on the floor. I watched as Lord Jesus and Saint Padre Pio talked to each other, discussing the present situation in the world. From what I could understand, I believe they were speaking in Latin.

St Padre Pio was pleading with our Lord for the world. He kept talking and talking, pleading for mercy for the world; he was pleading so hard. I was observing our Lord Jesus’s expression; He was so serious. The more they talked, the more our Lord raised His voice higher and above that of St Padre Pio.

Then in a stern voice, our Lord said, “No! I will not permit this.”

“Why should I grant them this and take away their suffering. They don’t plead to Me; they ignore Me, they go above Me, they disobey all My Commandments. They don’t humble themselves to come to Me,” said Lord Jesus.

But St Padre Pio raised his voice higher as he pleaded to our Lord. Again, our Lord raised His Voice even higher above St Padre Pio, and in a firm tone, said, No!”

Lord Jesus said, “If I let them go, they will continue to live in the mud and continue to offend Me, the way they do now. Nothing will change. Humanity has to change.”

I cried for our Lord because I know how hurt He is and how much He suffers. He is a good and gentle God. I could see that whatever St Padre Pio asked of our Lord, our Lord would refuse.

Our Lord then departed, and St Padre Pio remained.

I was so grateful to St Padre Pio. He showed me how he pleaded to our Lord for us, and he wasn’t afraid. Our Lord chose St Padre Pio to come of all the Saints in Heaven. He is very close to our Lord.

I said to St Padre Pio, “I really love you, and I thank you. You are so privileged with our Lord.”

St Padre Pio came again on the 2nd January 2022 while I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and he said, “Valentina, I tried so hard to intercede for the world. Did you see how we debated, our Lord and I? I am very close to our Lord. That’s how I intercede in Heaven for people.”

“You had to witness our conversation. I pleaded for the world, but I could not convince our Lord no matter what. Tell people not to give up and to keep praying.”

“There are many events that are supposed to happen this year alone. They are not good things. You must talk to people so that they will repent and humble themselves and change the way they live their lives.”

Thank you, St Padre Pio, for interceding for the world.