30 December 2021

Baby Jesus came dressed as children of today

When I was praying this morning, Blessed Mother came to me with Baby Jesus as a toddler. She was holding Him by His little Hand. To my surprise, He was dressed in a white top and little brown pants, similar to the way children dress today.

I said to Blessed Mother, “Oh, how cute is your Son, little Jesus in the little short pants. He now really looks like a little Boy.”

Blessed Mother, Most Holy, smiled and said, “I know you would like to see my Son dressed this way.”

“Oh, how adorable and cute He is. I love Him so much,” I said.

Blessed Mother said, “I thought that I would dress Him the way children are dressed on earth these days. My Son likes to come to you as a little Baby to give you courage and peace because you suffer so much for the Holy Souls.”

I said, “My Mother, oh how I appreciate and I love Jesus very much.”

She smiled and said, “We love you too and bless you.”

They then departed.

Thank you, Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus.