25 December 2021

Christmas Day

Tell Baby Jesus You Love Him

This morning while I was at home saying my prayers, and giving glory to the Infant Jesus, Blessed Mother appeared in a radiant aura of light with the Baby Jesus. She was dressed all in brilliant white.

She said, “Today, adore my Son Jesus, for He is born, and

He has come into this dark world as a Saviour and Redeemer to free you from your sins.”

Holding Baby Jesus, Blessed Mother said, “My daughter Valentina, to understand this mystery of His Coming to you all, it is like He gives birth to everyone Himself. This mystery, which happened the first time,

repeats every year. As Creator and Redeemer of all His children, it will

repeat till the end of times, until the end of the world. For this reason, you

should glorify Him and adore Him and tell Him how much you love Him and give Him thanks for what He has done for all of you, my children.”

Blessed Mother said, “To better explain this and so that people will understand, it is a spiritual birth, not a real birth, because He is

our Creator, He is our God, and we all belong to Him, all humanity belongs to Him.”

Blessed Mother and I were both looking at Baby Jesus, adoring Him, and telling Him how beautiful He is. He was glowing in holiness and smiling.

Baby Jesus loves to hear the words when we say to Him, “We love You very much, Baby Jesus.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus. We love you all very much.