24 December 2021

Christmas Eve

Australia gives our Lord the most Pain

During my evening prayers the day before, I was lamenting to our Lord, “Lord, now there are so many restrictions placed upon us, and there is so much pain and sickness in the world. A few years ago, You told me how a beautiful peace descends upon Christmas Eve in every nation of the world.”

“Maybe a miracle will happen this year?” I said, “Because You will permit it. Maybe everything will be alright, and there will be no more Coronavirus?”

This morning while I was praying, our Lord Jesus came, and He said, “I heard your plea last night.”

“But I tell you, Australia gives Me the most pain of all the nations! I will tell you why.”

He showed me; it was like a thin piece of steel, a rod, pressing onto the soft and sensitive tissue between the Toes of our Lord, like pinning Him down. It is constantly pressing down so that He is feeling terrible pain. It is extremely painful. I could see the thin steel rod stretching all the way from Australia up to Heaven.

“That is how I receive pain from Australia,” He said.

“It is sent to Me all the way up to Heaven. It is constant pain.”

“The people of Australia like to have good times, good things, they like to travel, they like to make money and enjoy themselves. They are greedy, worrying about how much money they will make, all for their self-interest. They like to keep industry going to make big profits. They want to make everything beautiful, more than any other nation in the world, but they don’t want to accept any suffering that comes to them. They constantly complain. They want to do everything the way they used to. It’s all ‘me, me, me,’ and they don’t worry about others.”

Lord Jesus lamented, “But nobody wants to repent. They don’t worry about repentance.”

“Today, I Am going to be offended very much because when people gather together, many will party and drink.” Our Lord was very serious and upset about Australia.

I said, “Lord, I am very sorry. Not all of the people know this.”

Lord have mercy on the people of Australia and on your priests.