31 January 2021

Visit to see Father Valerian


This morning, I said my prayers when suddenly Father Valerian came to me, not to my room, but we met in a heavenly place unfamiliar to me.


He said, “I have come to see the messages that you have received.”


The messages appeared in the form of a very long scroll, typewritten in black ink. The scroll was of beautiful silvery-grey paper almost transparent, about fifteen centimetres in width. It was an unusual paper and not from here on earth. As the scroll was quite long, Father Valerian and I held it with both our hands, that it draped over our hands and, on my side, was almost falling to the ground. The messages were typewritten in sections along the whole scroll, even on the underside.


Father Valerian was very carefully looking through the messages, even turning the scroll over to the other side, reading them as he was going along, and then turning back again.


He stopped at a particular message and said, “I am very interested in this message.”


I said, “Father, there are more messages here on this side.” I wanted to continue to turn over the scroll to the more recent messages.


“Yes, yes I know,” he said, “but leave those for now. I am not interested in those. I am interested in this one.” He pointed to the message that interested him and said, “This message is very important.” He appeared quite serious and focused on this particular message, studying it and reading it very closely and for quite a long time.


I could see that he was reading a message from the 2019 year, not from 2020, as I was about to turn the other side of the scroll to the 2020 year.


He said, “You know what! Don’t stop! Let no-one stop you. Talk to people about Jesus’s Messages and the Word He teaches you and gives you. Don’t be afraid of people.”


I felt that Father Valerian came to encourage me. I felt so good that he was present with me and telling me what I have to do.


He said, “Don’t listen to anybody; just follow what our Lord tells you to do. Don’t listen to people. Be courageous and proclaim His Holy Word so that people can pray and convert.”


After this heavenly experience, I was looking at the messages from 2019, and I asked the Lord, “Lord, what was the message from 2019 that Father Valerian was so interested in?”


As I opened the book, it immediately opened up to the message from 23 October 2019 about the poor and hungry children in Africa. The next day the book opened to the same message again.


While Father Valerian was alive, I remember that he often talked about the hungry and dying people in the world during many of his homilies. He would say, “People say there is not enough food for all the people in the worldThere is enough food, but not enough charity. People don’t want to share, and they are too selfish.”


Here I reprint the message from 23 October 2019 about the poor and hungry people suffering in the World:


It was late evening, and I had just finished my prayers. I picked up the Holy Bible and opened the pages to St Paul, and began to read. I really love this Gospel, it is a very good teaching and simple to understand.


I was hoping to have a good night’s sleep, instead, I started to experience an intense pain throughout my whole body, especially my left leg. I kept lamenting to our Lord, as the pain was so intense that it kept me up all night.


As dawn broke, our Lord suddenly appeared to me and said, “Valentina, My child, I Am very sorry that you are in so much agony. It is I Who gave you extra strong pain to endure.”


Jesus then invited me to come with Him.


He said, “Come with Me, and I will show you why you have to suffer.”


Suddenly, our Lord Jesus and I were in the middle of the Continent of Africa, in some remote place. He took me to meet some abandoned, poor people with little children. What I saw, I will never forget. The children were dying of starvation, along with their mothers. They had nothing to eat, and I could see their rib cages protruding out; there was no flesh, their eyes were large and completely sunken, their teeth were just like hanging from a skeleton.


Our Lord Jesus was so sad at the sight of the suffering of these poor people. He said, “My child, look at how they suffer. There is nothing for them to eat. They are persecuted and abandoned, left to be killed by evil tribes.”


“Every minute, one or more die. This tears My Heart into pieces to watch these people in so much poverty. This should not happen. There are so many millionaires in the world, rich men, but they are only for themselves, and they are still grabbing and accumulating more wealth. The more they have, the more they want.”


Jesus repeated twice, “Greed! Greed! Never enough!’


“If they could only share some of their wealth, how many graces they would receive from Me. Instead, they are cold-hearted and selfish.”


Our Lord took one of the babies and held it in His Holy Hands. He then gently placed the baby back in the mother’s arms, but the baby died. The mother was too weak to cry out as she watched her little baby die.


Our Lord blessed them, making the Sign of the Cross with His Holy Hand. We then left this place, and our Lord took me to a Middle Eastern country.


There, too, we stopped, and our Lord sadly shook His Holy Head in disbelief at what was happening. I could see how He was finding it difficult to hold back His Tears. His Eyes were all watery.


I started to cry at what I saw. In this place, everything was ruined and devastated. All the people were being persecuted. They were crying, with no food to eat or water to drink. I could see adults running away from the bombs that were falling. I could see many children screaming and crying.


Our Lord kept repeating, “See, My child, how they suffer. Every day, many innocent children and ordinary men and women are killed. This war and all the evil that is happening here should not be. But evil men want to fight and cause all evil because the devil tells them to do so, to reduce the population in all parts of the world. So much misery, so much hate, so much unnecessary suffering.”


Our Lord then said, “I didn’t plan to judge the world yet, but the way it is going, worse than ever, I will judge soon.” Jesus spoke these words as we watched all this misery.


Our Lord turned to me and said, “Valentina, My child, please tell the world to repent of their sin and greed. Greed is a terrible sin. It can even cause you to lose your soul.”


“Valentina, the pain that you endure, it is for all of that, which I reveal to you. It gives Me some consolation for My Sacred Heart which is bleeding of too much pain for what I now see in the world.”


Our Lord is so sad.


Lord Jesus come to help the needy and bless them and give them strength in their daily persecution and struggles.