31 January 2021

Since the Coronavirus more Sacrilege in My Churches

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


During Holy Mass, I saw our Lord Jesus very high up, near the Crucifix in the Church. He was standing behind a polished, wooden partition, in what looked like a mezzanine extending from wall to wall. It was a Heavenly vision. The tall Crucifix in the background seemed to disappear.


Our Lord appeared from the waist up only, dressed all in white and holding His hands down. He was smiling and looking down at me. At the same time, while I was sitting in the Church, I turned to my right, and I could see an angel next to me, dressed all in a blue, like a uniform, a mixture of lighter and darker blue tones.


I thought to myself, ‘Why would the angel be guarding me, and our Lord looking at me?’ I felt a little bit embarrassed.


Our Lord then said to me, “See, I Am always present. I never let you go. I always keep an eye on you.”


Feeling embarrassed, I said to our Lord, “Lord, sometimes You stare at me too much. Did I do something wrong?”


He said, “No, I protect you. You see, you have your guardian angel who is always with you.”


After I received the Holy Eucharist and came back to my pew and knelt, again, the angel was present on my right side. But that doesn’t mean that he was guarding me, he was guarding and adoring the Holy Communion that I had just received.


Our Lord said to me, “I have to lament to you. Since the Coronavirus, there is so much more sacrilege in My Churches everywhere. Between the masks that you have to wear and all the restrictions, people are very confused, and they don’t even go to the Sacrament of Confession anymore.”


I pleaded to our Lord; I said, “Lord, please don’t take this as a sin, because it is not our fault, we have to obey the law and do what they tell us.”


He said, “I Am very much sacrileged. It should not be like that. You should not be wearing a mask like a dog. That is how you all appear in My Eyes.”


I have noticed that our Lord is so much closer to us now, during these difficult and confusing times in the world. He wants to protect us from all the evil that is going on around us. So, we have to work hard to come back to our Lord, to be united with Him.


Lord Jesus have mercy on us and protect us.