3rd March 2018

First comes Mercy and Conversion, then Chastisement


Today, in Sydney is the gay mardi gras parade. In the morning while I was getting ready to attend my prayer group for First Saturday devotions, God the Father appeared to me and said, “My child, many of My children are praying to Me, that today, I will chastise these people by sending them bad weather with rain and hail, for this filthy and sinful parade and for their sinful behaviour.”


He smiled and then said, “I do not do that.


He explained, “As I receive your prayers, I do not chastise them but rather, I turn your prayers into Mercy for them and wait for their conversion.”


Very gently and very lovingly God the Father continued, “There is plenty of time to chastise them. First is mercy and conversion. Leaders of this nation give encouragement to these people by attending these parades. This is not good. These people desecrate this city by parading and exposing their sinful deeds. Blessings cannot fall on this city because of this filth.”


“Tell the Bishops and priests to pray and consecrate this sinful city of Sydney that offends Me so much.”


At the same time as God the Father was speaking to me, I could see an image of Archbishop Anthony Fisher. I felt a joy in my heart, as I felt that God the Father will choose him to perform an Act of Reparation.


Lord, have mercy on us and on our cities.